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Online MoviesTemple is the one stop hub for all kinds of movies.

It happens at all times when any of us wants to search for anything informative or entertaining, the first thought that comes to our mind is Search it online. And when we are talking of entertainment online, then why not movies.

How MoviesTemple Started?

MoviesTemple is a revolution which came into existence as an idea when Rashi Saxena (co-founder, MoviesTemple.com), who was in Germany in the mid 2009, in a casual conversation with her friend Aman (co-founder, MoviesTemple.com) told him about how she missed watching Bollywood movies there. She used to follow the following cumbersome process to watch a 120 mins. movie:

  1. Google a movie with a good rating (which was usally provided by iMDb)
  2. Watch the trailer of the movie on Youtube to have a glimpse of what the movie has inside.
  3. Search Google again for a site that has the URL for the Online Movie.
  4. Out of millions of results returned by google, finding the site which has the online movie actually is very difficult.
  5. Then when she found that site, the site points to another video sharing site to watch the movie (the print quality of which is also not guaranteed)

Writing these 5 tasks took me 7-8 mins. Doing them takes atleast 1 hour. During the further discussion gave birth to an idea in which we wanted to reduce the 5 steps into 2 steps.

  1. Open a wesite in your Web browser.
  2. Search for the movie in the Search bar for Movie Reviews, Ratings, Trailers, Full Movies Online. For some movies, you can also find the full movie download links.

The implementation of this idea kept on delaying for sometime and then in Nov 2009 this idea turned into reality with the return of Rashi Saxena back to India. This venture is now called MoviesTemple.com.

Why MoviesTemple?

Recently, there has been an outstanding increase in the number of people turning to the internet to watch or download movies. And the fast paced technology and internet has since ensured that the number grows each passing day. To make things easier we are launching MoviesTemple.com

MoviesTemple.com is a website that will cater to all your needs for watching all kinds of movies at the click of the mouse, from across all genres.

Just logon to MoviesTemple and you will get everything related to that movie here only. Movie Information (star cast etc), star ratings (rated by viewers), Reviews, Movie Trailers (for the upcoming movies), and the most important “The Free Online Movie” :)

What’s the big deal about MoviesTemple?

MoviesTemple is the first Site of its kind where you just come to this Temple and pray to the Movie God for any movie and you will get it here in no time. Only thing that you need is the dedication towards MoviesTemple :) . You can do that by replying to the requests of the fellow devotees. (We are planning to have a separate Pray Your Movie Section soon where you can put in your requests.)

Apart from the fulfilling the Prays (requests), MoviesTemple is the house for Free Hollywood (English), Bollywood (Hindi), Tamil, Marathi, Telugu Movies, Tv Series and Documentries Online. So, Pray for your Movie now!!

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The MoviesTemple Logo has been created by Sarabdeep Singh from Pune, India. To get very professional and catchy Logo Designs created for your Website, you may contact him at sarab_2001inn[at]yahoo.com

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